Welcome to 50 Plus Media Solutions!

We provide responsive marketing solutions for branding and promoting your business with these dynamic services:

  • In Print, Online, Digital, and Video Advertising Solutions
    We offer four monthly newspaper editions, email newsletters and coupons, digital banner ads with multiple responsive options, and product or service videos to promote your business!
  • Small and Medium Business Website Solutions
    Our highly responsive websites includes many designs and features to promote your website for the best appeal and response to your targeted audience!
  • Trade Show and Resource Fair Promotion Campaigns
    We promote trade shows and resource fairs with special inserts in our paper, our social media promotions, or our newsletters to our advertisers and readers for the best publicity of these events!
  • Professional Graphic Design
    Our graphics department is very creative and responsive to your business needs!
  • Local Community Partnerships
    We support our local communities with promoting local events or partnering with cities, for profit, or non-profit groups!
  • Customer Management Relationship (CMR) Services
    We provide Comprehensive CMR Services to give you a better way to reach prospective Customers and keep in contact with your current Customers
  • Social Media Solutions
    Social media is the new marketing frontier for promoting events and beneficial causes that we use everyday!

Our 50 Plus Marketplace News business is the preferred 50 plus newspaper in Northern Colorado with these features:

  • Current and Local Events and Lifestyle Articles
    We list many beneficial events throughout our coverage area each month and have over 24 regional writers giving important or entertaining news for our readers!
  • Four Local Community Editions
    Our monthly coverage includes Denver Metro with seven counties, Boulder County, Larimer County, and Weld County. We moving eastward to include Morgan, Logan, and Washington counties too!
  • Over 200,000 Print Circulation
    We distribute to over 100 towns and cities in Northern Colorado so your business is promoted in your region!
  • Connecting 50 Plus Adults with Local Businesses
    Advertisers love our various products and services using print, radio, and digital packages to give them the best publicity to our readers and listeners!
  • Mobile User Friendly Access Website
    With the expansion of smartphones and tablets in our society, you can be assured to see our website on any home computer or mobile device for the best optimum viewing!

Visit our newspaper website at www.50plusmarketplacenews.com for more information on our products and services!

Our 50 Plus BizSites business offers multiple website solutions for small and medium businesses with these exciting features:

  • Cost Effective for a Fraction of the Investment
    Our websites start at $495 for a total turnkey Micro Site for the first year and less for additional years. Very affordable for our other website products!
  • Micro Sites, Brochure Sites, Optimum Sites
    Our Micro Sites includes one or two webpages, Brochure Sites with six or more webpages, and our customized Optimum Sites with ten or more webpage, all with multiple designs and responsive features!
  • Our Total Turnkey Website Solutions
    This includes everything from basic installation to search engine optimization for higher results and analytics tracking for verification!
  • Multiple and Responsive Website Designs
    We offer multiple designs to make your website appealing and mobile responsive to best fit your business requirements!
  • Desktop or Mobile User Friendly!
    All websites are automatically sized for either desktop, tablets, or smartphones for best optimum responsive viewing!

Visit our 50 Plus BizSites today at www.50plussites.com for a demonstration of our multiple website solutions!

Contact us today at 303-694-5512 or email us at info@50plusmediasolutions.com for more information on our multiple media solutions!

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