Inbound Solutions

Inbound marketing offers multiple media solutions using a combination of business websites, social media websites, and other media services.

Content is important with Inbound marketing solutions by providing more information on your products or services to promote your business and attract new customers.

Inbound marketing solutions include:

1. Website Solutions
2. Social Media Solutions
3. eNewsletters Solutions
4. Online Advertising Solutions
5. Online Video Solutions
6. Online Testimonials

Website Solutions

Website solutions are the best worldwide marketing tool as it brands your organization with the highest return on investment. Business websites are always available 24 hours on a worldwide basis to the public. Social media channels are second best for promoting your organization even if you don’t have a website.

Tip: With the proper SEO technique or software and marketing methods, users can receive high rankings with various search engines and with customers on their website. We can recommend companies that specialize in websites and SEO optimization.

Social Media Solutions

Social media is the new marketing frontier for promoting events and beneficial causes that billions of people use everyday! In our own territory, over 200,000 social media users with our targeted demographics can receive ads on their Facebook pages. Video ads are proving to be more popular with our age groups too. It’s a great way to advertise using the different social media channels for all ages.

social media banner

Facebook and YouTube are the most popular social medial channels for all ages with over one billion users each on a worldwide basis. We offer advertising packages on our Facebook and YouTube pages as shown below.

Tip: Organizations should consider using these two popular channels for their branding and advertising strategies. Although there are more than 200 social media channels on the Internet, we can help you select the best social media channels that will benefit you the most.

50 Plus Facebook page 2016

Our Facebook Page

YouTube Homepage 1-10-2016

Our YouTube Page

eNewsletter Solutions

eNewsletters have been used effectively in marketing directly to customers. However, some businesses seem to include too many items in a newsletter, thus making it too busy for most readers.

Tip: It’s recommended to send your newsletter monthly and focus on one subject for best appeal and best results. We also recommend not sending your newsletter on the first of the month as too many readers complain about receiving too many newsletters at that time. Consider sending your newsletter on the 10th, 15th, or later each month, but be consistent each month.

Tip: If you can afford adding a video to your newsletter, it is more effective as most people would rather view a video than reading your newsletter. See our newsletter example below. We combine the video with our newsletter message. Call us if you would like to learn more about this concept

Online, Print, and Video Solutions

Please see our Online, Print, and Video Solution webpages for more information on these popular media solutions!

Outbound Solutions

Outbound marketing promotes the traditional marketing solutions of newsprint advertising, direct selling, email, flyers, networking, radio and TV spots, sales brochures, special inserts, and trade show campaigns.

Tip: We emphasize both Inbound and Outbound marketing strategies to promote your business! 50 Plus Media Solutions recommends both of these marketing strategies to promote your B2B or B2C business. we can help you with your inbound and outbound solutions.

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