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50 Plus Video Solutions offers online and offline video solutions for small and medium businesses using High Definition (HD) quality resolution with effective messages to provide the most compelling visual experience on the Internet. Market surveys (shown below) indicate online videos are extremely effective on your website and social media pages. Offline videos can increase employee education and reduce class training time.

A recent video marketing survey results provided by Sydacast, MarketingProfs, and Ascend2 indicate:

74% of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video. It is crucial for B2B and B2C marketers to start creating and incorporating video as part of their content strategies. (Syndacast)

70% of marketing professionals report that video converts (viewers) better than any other medium (VideoProfs)

85% of surveyed customers feel video is a viable marketing strategy. Online video ads reach a larger audience than other media sources. (Ascend2)


50 Plus Video Solutions Feature These Major Benefits:

  • Lowest Cost Video Solutions using the latest technologies
  • Increased Visibility & Branding of your products and services
  • Highly Persuasive with Measurable Results for selecting the best strategy
  • Featured Owners and Management builds trust & credibility
  • Gives Best Training Retention for employee or product and group education
  • Customer Testimonials provides positive customer reviews and increased sales
  • Multiple Delivery Methods using your website, social media channels, and monthly emails to expand your audience reach
  • More Memorable than other media

Download our Video Brochure on the different types of business videos and benefits.


Marketing Director & Exec Producer Bob Larson

Marketing Director & Exec Producer Bob Larson

We have our own in house video department with over 20 years of video experience. Please review our Exec Producer and Producer profiles under About Us for our qualifications.

We produce six different types of videos:

  • 1) Customer Product or Service Promotions
  • 2) Customer or Tradeshow Testimonials
  • 3) Customer Presentations and Lectures
  • 4) Employee Orientation and Training
  • 5) Product, Service, and Software Training
  • 6) Event or Tradeshow Interviews


Video Overview

Please watch this two minute video to learn more about our multiple video solutions.

Online videos should be placed on your website and your social media channel(s) for best audience reach. We can help you market your video with your website and social media channels and our website and social media channels plus privately on DVDs and flash drives including additional flyers and emails to your customers.

Download our Website and Facebook Page Advertising Campaign Flyer to learn more.

If you have a different type of video category that you want produced for your business, we will consider it, providing it meets Federal Trade Commission and BBB standards.

We produce HD videos in 720p, 1080p, or 1920p formats for online or offline use. Online videos can be password protected if needed to be viewed only by your business personnel.

We can provide monthly video viewing statistics to determine the effectiveness of your video.

Call us today at 303-694-5512 for a FREE consultation and quote for your video solution!


Past Clients

We have produced over 150 videos for customers at 50 Plus since 2013 and another 50 presentations and lecture training videos for non-profit organizations. This is a partial list of our clients. We’ll be glad to provide you the contacts of these clients as references of our past video work.


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Video Player Tips

Select the play button in the lower left of the video screen to start any video. To expand the screen, select the four arrow icon at bottom right corner of video screen next to the Vimeo logo. The expanded screen is still HD quality. Press Esc button on keyboard to return to this page afterwards.
Customer Promos

Ron & Nancy Stern Travel Adventures

Every video has a story! This is one example featuring Ron & Nancy Stern, worldwide travel reporters, as they explain their many travel adventures and benefits of visiting their websites. Lots of great background shots and videos tell their story and promote their travel adventures in travel magazines and websites for their viewers.


Spotless Hot Tubs Promo

This example featuring Owner Kent Schmidt as he promotes his hot tub maintenance business! Lots of graphics and background music to make his story more appealing!

Customer Presentations

Social Media Information for Ron Stern’s Travel Column

This is another example of our social media informational videos. Photo-journalist and Global Gumshoe Ron Stern tells about his adventure to Victoria, Canada. Lots of great scenic background graphics and videos with the music track help to supplement his travel story for his viewers.


Social Media Information for Josh Weller’s Social Security Column

Another example of our social media informational videos featuring Public Affairs Specialist Josh Weller as he explains the benefits of the Social Security’s website. We show lots of supplemental graphics to enhance his story.


Larimer County Genealogical Society Presentation Summary

Even though this TV series started in 2010, it still is being broadcast on Fort Collins cable Channel 97. Our executive producer did this TV series of 16 half hour programs from 2010 to 2012 and was continued in 2016. The exec producer was highlighted in the first program. The multiple producers used a simple format of using a host and a speaker providing essential genealogy information to the public. Lots of graphics were included for more appeal to give examples of what the speaker was telling in their presentation. This video example combines a half hour of their six past Genealogy Quest TV programs.

Aurora Veterans Salute Customer Testimonial

Every year we sponsor and promote this beneficial event for veterans in Denver. TheĀ annual Aurora Veterans Salute is held at the inspiring Wings of the Rockies Museum in Denver. Great use of testimonials help to promote this event.

Trade Show Interviews

Weld County Senior Law Day

We sponsor and promote many trade shows in our area. This video is a basic interview with the organizer about the annual Weld County Senior Law Day event held in Greeley. Interviews break the normal pattern of short videos, but the more information is critical to the event’s success.


Holiday Promos

Holiday Promo Video

This example is a holiday video about a fun way in thanking your customers. Using a festive background and lively music track with a beneficial message makes it fun and appealing to watch.

Call us today at 303-694-5512 for a FREE consultation and quote for your video solution!

Hopefully, we’ve shown several brief beneficial examples of our works. We do much longer videos for training and informational videos lasting up to one hour.

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