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We provide multiple online solutions for our customers. We can provide online advertising using animation, banner, and video formats for the best appeal and effective advertising strategies. We provide advertising on our newspaper website (shown below in the right panel) and social media channels.

50 Plus News Website Denver Metro edition Sept 2016

Our online solutions include these major benefits:

  • Over 10,500 visits per month on our newspaper website with 54% of traffic seen by our Northern Colorado residents and businesses!
  • Reaches billions of worldwide prospects 24 hours/7 days each week for a larger audience!
  • Affordable monthly, semi-annual, or annual rates with packaged programs give your products or services multiple solutions to fit your branding strategy!
  • Website and Social Media Solutions for highest audience reach!
  • Great method for branding your products, services, or events for our worldwide and Northern Colorado visitors with active links to your websites
  • Banner, animated, or video ad formats offer more appealing, engaging, and effective advertising concepts for your products and services!
  • Desktop or mobile friendly viewing via the Internet reaches more age groups compared to radio, TV, billboards!

Our newspaper website received an average of 10,500 visits per month during the last half of 2016.

Our affordable rates are listed by monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription rate depending on what webpage and what type and size online ad you prefer on our newspaper website. We also provide multiple ad solutions to meet your advertising needs.

Tip: Online advertising on both websites and social media channels increases your audience reach dramatically and covers the required demographics in age groups and categories that you prefer!

Tip: Online banner ads provide additional branding of your organization with additional visibility on both websites and social media channels.

Tip: We highly recommend customers add our animated and standard video solutions to your website and social media channels for more appealing results.

Banner Advertising

Simple online banner ads are the lowest cost format to reach a very large worldwide audience. Please see example of a 250 x 130 pixel ad below. We also offer animated and video ads too!

Good Sam 250 x 130

Video Advertising

And last, we offer video ads from your supplier or we have using our in house video department producing very appealing and effective ads. Please see our Video Solutions webpage for different video examples.

50 Plus MS Video Banner
Please contact your local product consultant or our main office at 303-694-5512 for more details.

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